Cesar Love is a Latino poet influenced by the Asian masters. A resident of San Francisco's Mission District, he is also an editor of the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal. His latest book is titled Birthright.

His previous book While Bees Sleep was published by CC. Marimbo Press. .

Contact him at: cesarlove714@hotmail.com

Praise for Birthright

“A higher love pervades César Love’s skillfully crafted new book. He shines our awareness on the overlooked but profound beauty of life through his nourishing verse. Birthright is filled with precious gems that reach out to break your heart and then fill it back up in a surprisingly powerful way.”

— Jennifer Barone, author of  Secret City and Saporoso

 “A city poet with the sensibilities of a naturist—César Love blends rural and urban with a voice that embraces both the classic and the contemporary. His poems are portraits of life in our times—hence the dedication—sharp, rebellious and yet subtle in their anger, with language that stays with you for days after.”

—Alejandro Murguía, San Francisco Poet Laureate

 “César Love is a romantic. His poetry sings love songs of nature, of displacement, of the kiss of the seasons. His poems sing of the sweet power of ‘Black Molasses’ and of a single drop of dew. His poetry speaks of ‘Ocean Stones,’ and  the hidden resilience of ‘Mission Creek.’ And this book Birthright, like his name, always speaks of love.”

 — Avotcja Jiltonilro, writer/musician/KPOO & KPFA


Praise for While Bees Sleep

"Brilliant in its discretions in dealing with the 10,000 things of the world. The poems are like narrative written in haikuistic epiphanies. Depths throughout, exemplified by my favorite, 'Twilight Post.' An excellent  book of poetry

                                                                                                   -- Jack Hirschman, Author of The Blue Xul Arcane

"Precise and condensed as haikus, as tasty as pomegranates, these poems turn on a dime to reveal insights luminous as street lights on an urban night."

                                                                                                   -- Alejandro Murguía, Poet Laureate of San Francisco, 

                                                                                                       Author of Native Tongue                                                                                                              

Birthright and While  Bees Sleep can be purchased at these stores:

Modern Times                       2919 24th Street, San Francisco

Bird and Becket Books & Records           653 Chenery St. S.F. 

Pressworks on Paper            3108 24th Street San Francisco

Both books can also be purchased directly from the author.  Contact him at: cesarlove714@hotmail.com