Trespasser Shoes


Shoes perfect for the fastest dance

Shoes so cool

Even jaywalkers swoon.


Shoes that scale barbed wire

Two taps and you’re invisible

To every cop and guard.


Shoes that violate the dress code

Shoes that never came in a box.


The shoes that skip over stairs

That short-circuit escalators

Three taps and you leap above

Foul lines, flag poles, border checkpoints.


Trespasser shoes

Polished with a darker shade of saint.

Hiding in your closet

Waiting to walk on water.


 Love Poem # 8

This love is big

So big it takes four arms to carry

This love is gaudy, radiant

This love is the prize winning pumpkin.


This love is weightless, minute

So light it rides on dandelions

So small it glides through keyholes

This love is the comb of hummingbirds.


This love is risk

It spins your heart on roulette wheels

It flashes switchblades with the devil  

This love is the guts to bet your life.


This love is alchemy

It changes soda into absinthe

It turns weeds into redwoods

This love is the voodoo of saints.


 Emily’s Light


On thin winter afternoons, the drone hours

That cannot propose


We see it, her slight reminder

The certain slant of light steals into our hiding places

Its umbral pen traces the pleat of our veins


The certain slant of light

A thief of color, a keeper of line